Din & Dom : the new Parisian children’s fashion brand

DIN & DOM is the new Parisian children’s fashion brand for those who want the originality and the quality of a timeless garment.

With Din & Dom it was literally love at first sight.

I was looking for an outfit that could please both, my little girl and me, but not only.

I was looking for something special, something that did not exist in a thousand clones as clothes in fast fashion retailers.

I’ll make it short!

At an avant-premiere of fashion for the press, my gaze was captured by a stand with kids clothes with amazing prints and fabrics that had a I don’t know that familiar. The first thing that caught my attention was a colorful patterned jumpsuit, with details and embroidery so accurate and a retro-vintage and neo-romantic style. The quality was incredible and the printed fabric reminded me of something, but what?

Parisian atelier of Din&Dom

I immediately asked about the brand and the concept and I discovered that Din & Dom makes some models starting from vintage fabrics or past collections of luxury Haute-Couture houses (now is explained what that fabric of the colored jumpsuit reminded me!): an “upcycled” but luxury outfit!

Chance and fate wanted me to meet on another occasion the creator of the brand, Amandine, who told me how the birth of her childrens pushed her to undertake this dream that had long been in the drawer. Amandine, like me, could not find a brand that perfectly suited her needs and so she decided to start this adventure! Din & Dom is a story of love and family first of all.


Din & Dom invited me to live a unique shopping experience: to create an exclusive look tailored to my little girl.

Starting from my desires and those of my little girl, we have created together with the brand a moodboard of inspiration.

Later I was invited to the Parisian creative atelier of Din & Dom where I could see my ideas take shape and translate into a drawing.

Together with Amandine, designer and founder of Din & Dom, I was able to choose colors, styles and materials that were most congenial to me.

I participated in all the stages of the realization process and I felt almost like a real kids fashion designer!

Once I had created the outfit I had imagined for my little girl for this spring, I was delivered an elegant box in which there were all the stages of our adventure (moodboard and original design) in addition to our super-chic creation!

Tailor made box Din&Dom 2

Din&Dom the tailor made box


To realize the chic outfit of your dreams with Din&Dom contact :


+33 06 58 30 58 04

More to Come


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