Dior Autumn-Winter 2015-16 Collection

dior autumn winter

The nature as a tribute to the sensuality and freedom of women: this is the idea that Raf Simons has embraced for the new winter women’s collection.

The collection deal with nature and femininity in a different way , away from the idea of the garden and the flower , to something more savage, liberated and brutal, an “animal” nature in which the woman rediscovers a wilder and primordial femininity, nearest to the male universe .

In this new dimension, the classic feminine tailleur is replaced by blazers and double-breasted oversize coats. Animal patterns pervaded in knitted jacquard bodysuits and harness dressed with long vinyl boots that become a real “second skin”. On the catwalk, more organic forms in tweed and silk, but especially Canadian fox form sumptuous coats and dresses.

A real transition from the “woman-flower” to the woman-animale , perhaps inspired by one of the first collections of Christian Dior in 1947, with the designer’s revolutionary use of leopard-print.


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