Disney Cinderella Shoes


In these days nobody talks about anything else on the web: Cinderella. Everybody is impatiently waiting for the new 3D movie by Disney which tells a tale that has fashinated the childhood of all of us.

Personally I could never  forget in order three principal element: firstly the harpies stepsisters (Anastasia and Genoveffa), which description taught me to not trust all those surly and jealouse girls I met durning my path (there are much more Anastiasias and Genoveffas than what you think in the world J!).

Secondly the pumpkin obviously (who didn’t dream to see one transforming in a coach?) and the final one: the crystal slipper! Precious, amazing. The shoe which could transform a nice girl into a real princess.

During my first time in London, I was 14, and I remember I discovered in a shop a pair of plastic transparent shoes which in my imaginary vaguely seemed to the ones in crystal that Cinderella was wearing: I was so happy that I bought them, but to be honest they were really uncomfortable! Today if I was Cinderella I would bet on a pair of glittered ballerinas as these ones I wear in the pictures by Le Capresi … because also pricesses should somehow evolve but not losing the magic and the romanticism!

Original pics by Ph. A. Pennetta


T-shirt: Blumarine

Skirt : H&M

Collants : Calzedonia

Shoes: Le Capresi



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