Here are some ideas of comfortable and fashion looks to stay at home in these days of Coronavirus emergency. At this historic moment in the world there are many people who need to stay indoors; waiting for this emergency to pass we must not lose the passion for fashion!

We know this very well; staying at home in a non-holiday period is not something we are used; but there are also positives sides and we need to focus on those. For example, we will have more time for ourselves and our loved ones.

In particular, we must not lose the positivity and above all the desire to take care of ourselves and of our beauty.

Fortunately, the latest fashion trends of 2020 offer us many outfit ideas really comfortable and also made with comfortable fabrics, easy to wear all day and perfect even to stay at home.


First of all, I propose the timeless oversized gym suit. Perfect in gray or blue color. It has the same comfort as a pajamas, it keeps you warm and it’s really trendy. It can be easily paired with trendy sneakers or with a blazer in case you have to go out for some reason.

Oversize Grey Suit

Fashion also comes to our aid thanks to the return (as saw in the last fashion shows) of the much-loved/hated cargo pants. Wide and comfortable are a valid alternative for our quarantine days.

Fashion Cargo Pants

The extralarge pull or shirt. I’m sure each of you already has one in your closet. To be worn on a tight trouser or on a skirt (better if a leather skirt as the dictates of fashion 2020 want) and with combat boots (like Prada-boots style).

Zara extra large jersey 2020
Credit @Zara

Our timeless jeans paired with sweaters, sweatshirts and blouses possibly with solid colors. Fashion offers us tight, wide, flared models, you name it. We’re spoilt for choice!

Look to stay at home jeans
Credit @Pinterest

Cyclist shorts paired with an oversized sweatshirt. Nothing more trendy and cool! Let’s take inspiration from our dear Haley Bibier!

Fashion at home during the coronavirus time
Credit @Vogue


Fashion in the days of coronavirus must be an easy ready to wear fashion. Prefer easy clothing, like those that do not wrinkle easily (in stretchy fabrics, jerseys etc.) and basic colors (gray, beige, white, black). So if you decide to start cooking at home for example, you would immediately have change alternatives to a possible stained shirt.

Also do not forget to have your hair always in order and your favorite perfume. It will help you to feel good about yourself!

Soon I will come back to you also with the tips of beauty routine to make our skin benefit of this “time break”.




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