Fashion IFA 2015 Berlin

Fashion IFA

Today the long-awaited electronics show in Berlin, the IFA 2015 has just finished. Yesterday I went for a ride in search of new fashion accessories or hi-tech innovations that can simplify my life of fashion blogger! Here’s what has caught my attention:

1-The Sony H.ear headphones: headphones with minimal lines and bright colors that promise an (almost) flawless sound quality and that could give a touch of color to your winter outfits.

2-The fashion collection “HumanFit” by Samsung which aims to incorporate to the daily outfits some technological elements in a very futuristic way: some men’s suits were equipped with NFC in order to allow, for example, the transmission of an e- business card of the wearer to the smartphone of another person, through an application created specifically for the HumanFit products.

3-The Mini Action Camera by Polaroid. Very colorful, you can keep in your purse and you can mount anywhere you can imagine!

4-The phone cases by Adidas Supestar: finally our phone will be happy to wear its Superstar sneaker-case :)!

5-Last but not Least the SmartWatch LG that among all the smartwatch offer looks more as a real watch, also available in 23K Gold.


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