Fedez Mania

It’s Fedez-mania ! Fedez is enjoying the web with his t-shirt!

The prettiest is the t-shirts that “honors” the Spice Girls in mashup version whit Desperate Housewives logo!

The  mashup t-shirts are a mania in Italy: there is that one with the press of Hanson, another iconic ’90s group, under the logo of the grunge group Nirvana; this is a gift that Fedez has done to his girlfriend Chiara Ferragni; not least there is the t-shirt whit the Prince William on Will Smith’s place printed on the t-shirt that reminds us the TV series “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ”

We have also thought of a print made on purpose for you! Do you like Gossip Girl? 🙂


And this is designed by us for you :


More to Come


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