Floral Romper

outfit la coquette

Flowers and flowers, color and light! This summer I’m really obsessed with colored prints flowers.
For my afternoon break in these magical gardens of the Tuileries among the colorful flowers, the cute crows blacks and the green chairs to relax in the sun, I have chosen this look very fresh and feminine.
The mini floral romper that I wear inspired by the 60s is by Forever21, while the perforated leather boots are by the Portuguese brand Nobrand that has been really a wonderful discovery, and the smart mini bag is by Burberry.

Photo Credits: Aurelien Violet


Floral Romper: Forever 21

Bag: Burberry

Shoes : Nobrand 

Earrings: Chanel 


  1. Wonderful Madam ! Romantic Tuileries !
    I just say it like this – I don´t know why:

    “Hold me close and hold me fast
    The magic spell you cast
    This is la vie en rose
    When you kiss me heaven sighs
    And though I close my eyes
    I see la vie en rose.
    When you press me to your heart
    I’m in a world apart
    A world where roses bloom…”


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