Going for Gold

la coquette style

How to make me happy ? With jewels obviously. I consider them some “magic objects” which are able to through away any track of a bad mood and yes, in the end to make the most of every look.
Particularly I tend to prefer the jewelery in yellow gold for the shining light which they give to any feminine face. It would be impossible to buy a jewel once a day or every time we are in a bad mood (unfortunately), then to customize an outfit you can sometimes opt for a “bijoux”, as the necklace I wear in these pictures, which has a really big value and impact but still being affordable. I chose this necklace for the number of possibilities you have to “modify” it, taking off or inverting its modules. I love to play with accessories and using a necklace like this to create as instance a belt!

Photo Credits: Fabio Perrone 


Top Black/Gold: Forever 21

Bijoux: Happiness Boutique 


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