Gold and diamond

gold and diamond

It’s officially autumn and, as always in this case, my mood is not at his positive peak! But today I decided that I have to be happy and positive even if no big sun is lighting my face neither it’s providing me some fresh energy.

I chose as my first autumn outfit a goldy beige dress, which is quite reminding Chanel’s style through its details.

In fact its styler, Elisabetta Franchi, is not making a secret of her inspiration to Chanel in designing her garments like jackets or pants.

Quite often her works are enanched by details in gold, as the gold chain you can see around the neck and pockets.

This dress, as optional, is also including a tiny necklace (again in gold) embellished by shiny “charms” which you can attach on the chain around the neck.

In this situation I decided not to attach it, it was really too much for today “mise”, or maybe just to goldy for my neck, as some more light on my hands would not really bother me… maybe some diamonds?!

outfit moda

Well, as Marilyn said…

“A kiss on the hand might feel very good, but a diamond tiara lasts forever”

outfit la coquette

Have a good start of the week.


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