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outfit Mango

I had a friend who worked in Milan as fashion blogger (when this kind of job was not so popular as it is) and I remember I was watching her during a busy day, and thinking that as I had the chance to work in television, I could never do that kind of job being stuck in front of the PC from the early morning to the late night, lost in the thousands of post-its and business cards of brands and press agencies on my desk!

Never say never… Here I am, one year after the opening of my blog which I had created just for fun, as a hobby and that now it’s among the finalists for the Golden Blog Awards to be held in Paris next Wednesday.

I am very happy! You know, I’m not a standard blogger, I do not take pictures of my perfectly ordered wardrobe (as in fact it is often a caos), I can’t copy and past the style of other bloggers (because I think each of us is special when it’s her self), I can’t stop to answer to the increasing messages of those who contact me (when I can, as if it means to sacrify a bit of my spare time of the real social life) or to plan what I will publish tomorrow on my social networks, or even here on the blog (!).

I have thousands of ideas and new projects, I love life and I love to do a job that I like! In fact, I am convinced that the success of a job depends on the enthusiasm which it’s done with.

So I’m not at all sorry to wake up earlier in the morning to answer your emails and comments and take my tenth coffee of the day right now (I’m coffee-addicted), after having cought a few moments of my days Paris with Marika (a new entry in my team!).

I am wearing a dress from the new collection of Mango that is very feminine as I generally like but moreover as it can be at the same time casual and bold depending on your way you wear it!

This time I combined it with my favorite black boots and a mat handbag by Valentino.

Photos by MaruPhoto


Dress: Mango

Belt : Mango

Bag: Valentino


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