Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week looks back to the East and to the splendours of the past.
In Valentino’s collection, one of the most appreciated by the critics, Rome and Athens are allied to inspire the Italian fashion house. Cleopatra, instead, comes back directly from Ancient Egypt during Chanel fashion show: Cleopatra wearing dress embroidered with tiny flowers and sequins (Look at the video !)

Even Dior backs to the origin (of the birth of fashion): it is inspired by the Twenties, shows clothes with high waist, tight, and choose decolté are pointed.


Make-up is various, because it is inspired by ages and styles different; the mouth becomes a protagonist of most spectacular fashion shows: it’s a pin (Schiaparelli), it is a punk-glam glitter to stick to the face (Maison Margiela), and it is almost sewn in the face in spectacular collection of Winterstan ( Look at the video here !)

The hairstyles are endless and for all tastes: starting from Princess Leila of Chanel, to the hair romantic and most natural of Versace, to get to the hairstyles Hard Rock Jean-Paul-Gaultier who becomes the king of the night in Paris with his fashion party.

The courses and resorts of fashion, history, music and art win during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2016, and make us a dream.




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