How to wear the bomber? The bomber jacket, one of the outstanding must-have of this season, after being shot on the most famous it-girls and celebs has finally arrived to our wardrobes. If until today you associated bombers with casual and masculine, then now it is time to change your mind!

Today I show you a different, feminine and elegant way to wear it. With a wide skirt ad pair of short booths (I found the at André in Paris and I adore them) and designer bag.

What do you think? Differently you can choose the evergreen and casual look with sneakers and jeans or you can even opt for a special or more particular bomber as most of the fashion brand designed it in several colors or with floral drawings for this winter season.

HOW TO WEAR A BOMBER HOW TO WEAR A BOMBER La Coquette Italienne with a Bomber La Coquette Italienne with a Bomber



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