Today I would like to tell you about my vision of fashion, a fashion in a Italian 3.0 way. Yes as although I love to get inspired by the city in which I live, the smart and chic Paris and by many other fantastic places I have the luck to visit thanks to my trips, in every outfit, in the end I try to show a bit of “Italianity”.

My idea of fashion is chic, glamour, but at the same time versatile to easily fit to the life style of a cosmopolitan girl. I love the dresses, short or long, who cares, as long as they are chich and feminine… Comfortable shoes during the day and Louboutin at night. When I opt for more masculine style variants I go for a tailleur in Armani style and I don’t forget the Italian vintage trends, among which I prefer the coats with fur embellishments or more outstanding looks such a the big and wide skirts from the 50s or the dresses in lace (refreshed in 3.0 mode by designers such as Dolce & Gabbana) which reminds me the iconic Sofia Lauren.

Quite often the brands of the made in Italy fashion are not definitely affordable but today I can give you a good news: from the 14th to the 27th of March you can find on a label dedicated to the italian fashion sales . Into this “Italian Week” you can find brands such us Rinascimento, Motivi, Gaudi’, Tata and others!

And on top of that if you join this contest (click here) you can even win a trip in my beloved Italy! 🙂


More to Come


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