Italian winter wedding

wedding outfit

I have not had a quiet moment since I left Paris to spend my Christmas vacation in Italy with my family, except for a relaxing stop in Beaune (where I bought some very good wines).

In fact, in Italy, the Christmas holidays consist of many greetings and wishes to family and friends, long and tiring high calorie lunches and dinners.

In addition, I celebrate my birthday a few days before Christmas and this year, I also had to attend a family wedding.

A wedding in December. What a strange choice… and what a strange choice in in Puglia, where the majority of weddings are celebrated in the spring or summer, because of the beautiful weather and the various locations on the sea side.

Instead, I just discovered that the wedding in the winter is something so more fascinating.

And even the choice of the clothes can be more fun than in summer, for the amount of special accessories that you can wear: coats, hats or fur cuffs, brooches, scarves and cool wool stoles.

Personally, I chose a short dress of my favorite color, a short mink fur and a silk clutch bag.

Here are the pictures of this fabulous day and my outfit.

Best wishes to the newlywed!!!


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