Just a hat: Chapeau!

Just a hat

Here in Paris it’s super – cool! Now it’s really impossible to renounce to a hat on the head!

To be frank, I personally never loved the hats. Of any kind. I always liked to watch the others wearing them, sometimes I bought them for fun, but in the end I hardly wear them, because get bored right after.

I don’t know the reason, but I have always loved me so much more without than with a hat on my head!
And should we even mention how it might ruin a beautiful hairstyle?

But this year fashion has made the hat one of the character of our WINTER LOOK!

No matter which kind of, because in fashion magazines you can really see all kinds.

But certainly there are some “hotter” models and other less efficient from this point of view. And more importantly, we must also be careful to choose the right model for us.

For example, if you have a minute face, I suggest a hat not too large, if you have a round or bigger face I do not recommend a cap too tight and if you have a long face, do not choose a high one stretching further the oval of face!

Now I have bought two, to let you see how they differently fit on me!

In this first shooting I wear the classic “wool cap”: I chose red because we are close to Christmas and because I wanted a warm and feminine color.

I found it at H&M, in bundle with this soft scarf for a really cheap price, which will also allow me to get tired about him after a week … but for now here in the Place Vendome, with only 1 ° Celsius, my red beret an I we are really nice together!

Soon I’ll post a second shooting with a completely different hat to let you see how to completely change your look with it…

And now I greet you from Paris!

Have a nice day!

Just a hat


LOCATION: Place Vendome, Paris

Copyrights photo: Andrea Peter Fly


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