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Last Sun in Balmain Paris


Here in Paris it’s raining like hell… Well, yes, summer is ending! Although my friends are sending me some pictures on whatsapp with people who can still lay down in front of the Italian sea and enjoying it up to the last sun: so jealous! So to cheer me up I can only dream of my next holidays and what I will wear/buy. It looks like the “one piece-design” suit which we have begun to love this summer will stay as one of the cult models also for summer 2014. Call them “one-piece”, sure! In real we all know that they have nothing to do with our granny’s one-piece suit! In fact already more than one month ago these sexy “one-piece” run on the catwalks of  “Moda calida” in Maspalomas, Canary Islands, which is a fashion show entirely dedicated to beach and swimwear of the most important international brands. And today and yesterday, the hot news coming from the “Riviera by Moda City”, a similar show happening in Cannes, confirm for the next summer the trend  to wear this sexy version of the one-piece as a must. I can’t wait but I can only tell you what’s my favourite in 2013: the one I am posting in the below pictures, by BALMAIN. As simple as cool, total-white, with some gemstones in the centre! So did I convince you ? Or you would still opt for a “classic” black bikini?

Credits @Ph Antonio Pennetta



LOCATION : Salento, Puglia, Italia



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