Looks for PFW


I want to dedicate this post entirely to the daring colour looks which I chose during the last Paris Fashion Week 2015. Strangly last week the weather has been pretty nice for Paris in Autumn and this allowed me to play with fantasy and to alternate clothers from warm furs to even very light textures. These big contrast definitely featured all my outifits. I chose a quite contemporary style, very coloured and surprising in the details, as the one of the dress mixing transparencies and neoprene with the purple shades or as the fur in merino shearling with the kimono cut, but what is better than look and feel directly from the photos?!


Neoprene Violet Dress: As I Am Paris

Fur Coat : Onar Studios

Dress cutouts at front : As I Am Paris

Neoprene Sweatshirt : DeuxA

Black Jeans : Cimarron Paris

Bleu Sunglasses : Etnia Barcelona

Black Sunglasses: Dior

Shoes: As I Am Paris

Black Boots


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