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la coquette italienne

Sometimes I miss my home. You’re thinking that I miss Italy, however what I miss is really my house, my family, my garden, the olive trees and the South atmosphere. The Southern Italy. In fact, the South of Italy is almost like a separate State, it has its own rules, traditions, culture, and the air we breathe has a really unforgettable and unique scent.
Also there … There’s always the sun.
It is said that the people of the South of Italy, when they go away they never really say goodbye to their roots.
And so, in a bit cloudy day I want to share with you these pictures I took in my garden at home with some outfits that represents me very well, as a tribute to the love for my country and my hometown See you soon !

Photo Credits: Fabio Perrone 


Black Lace -details Jumpsuit : Zara Collection Limited Edition

Black Short leather-details dress: Phard

Shoes: Aldo Shoes

Bijoux: Vintage Italian Jewellery


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