The dreams came true. It’s a fairytale. This year Milan Fashion Week, despite all, brang to the catwalk coloured dresses in really sophisticated texture like cachemire, Volant and the rouches and with some inserts of fairytales and fables images.

If Dolce and Gabbana has been inspired by the Disney princesses, with several different symbols inserts – chandeliers, pocket watches, teapots, and tin soldiers (just to cite few of them), Laura Biagiotti instead went back to the ancient Cina with her parede, making the Yin and the Yang dialoguing together between oriental and occidental stamps and drawings.


Coloured furs and transparencies in the Au Jour le Jour collection: funny but always very fashionable. Also here we could notice any type of inster from writings, to eyes, mouths and shes. They are rebus to be solved but never so difficult: this is pret-a-porter in the end! Made in Italy fashion didn’t lose her shoe and here in Milan said to me goodbye with an evergreen and classic “happily ever after” and many smiles… with a see you in September! (In my outfits I wear a fairytale look by Deux A and a small dress by Karoline Lang in pink).

More to Come


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