New year’s eve 2014: start!

New year's eve

New year’s eve 2014: start!

I wanted to avoid writing tedious post on “how to dress the last night of the year” … In fact, for superstition, I adapt to the Italian traditions that always plan to wear something old, something new, something that we have been given, and something red. So, I guess that everyone has worn a red underwear and has tried to kiss someone under the mistletoe … But maybe I’m wrong!

For those who are not used to attend worldly celebrations every weekend, I think that a new year’s eve party can also represents the opportunity to wear a stylish dress or a special jewel.

My idea of ​​a new year’s eve party can essentially be translated into elegance and light games created by glitter, sequins or beads.

My dress, which I had found in a tiny shop in Paris just a few steps by Rue de Rivoli, it seemed perfect to toast to the next 2014!

The feeling of being at the beginning of something gives me a new charge and I look forward to share my new year here on my blog.

I just leave you with a lovely citation:

Go confident in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve always imagined. It is not a cliché, but the hope that this new year will bring you the happiness you deserve. “(Henry David Thoreau)

Dress: Marina by MARINA BRESLER


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