PFW SS17 has just finished and I can say it has been the first Fashion Week I could live at 100%. A week rich in emotions, news and many many things to do. Before having the idea to make this blog I always imagined and dreamed the evanescent and shiny “world of fashion”, the one of the big magazines’ fashion editors who arrives at the fashion shows with their private driver and dark sunglasses who sit down in front row, watch all the items and look impatiently to the clock to be sure to be on schedule for the next show.

Now I am the one having my iPhone calendar full of events, shows, presentation and the one running from one runway to the other with private cars and deciding to opt for black and big sunglasses (which I now I really understand how they are fundamental to hide your dark circles after sleeping few hours), the one who has not time for a relaxing phone call to my best friend and sometimes even not to having lunch… the one who now knows that even the most exciting jobs in the end they are tiring and sometimes even more then the normal ones. But my grandmother Mina, one of the persons I loved more in the world, was always saying me that when you do something with passion and love you have always nothing to lose! And of one thing I am truly convinced: I love this job and I thank all of you for following me and let me arrive here.

The one you see below in the pictures is the first look of my Paris Fashion Week and one my favorite. A total look by Manoush, completed by some really special accessories. I was proud that it was noted and shooted by Marie Claire too!

La-Coquette-Italienne-Manoush-total-look-Paris-Fashion-Week La-Coquette-Italienne-Manoush-total-look-Paris-Fashion-Week Bettina-Vermillon-La-Coquette-Italienne-pfwBettina-Vermillon-La-Coquette-Italienne-pfw ONE FAVORITE LOOK OF PFW SS 17


More to Come


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