coat with paillettes to shine in a romantic night in Paris. That’s what I needed! Sometimes lost between working at pc and a frenetic life I forget to wear clothes that really give me some emotions. But yesterday it was a special night for me and it was the perfect time to wear something that made me feel special as well.

When I saw this coat for the first time, in the Weill boutique in Saint Germain district in Paris, it was love at the first sight! Its paillettes which make it shine (but not too much), the linear and chic cuts, the finishing, the elegant details and the precious jewel buttons… I couldn’t wait to wear it!

I wear lots of different outfit for passion, to have fun and now even to work, but sometimes it happens to me to wear something which gives me elegance and makes me feel comfortable at the same time. Sometimes it’s very simple to be elegant.


Coat : Weill Paris / Lace Shirt : Dolce & Gabbana / Trousers : Mariella Rosati / Shoes : Bettina Vermillon / Bag : Chanel / Watch : Rolex


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