Paris international fashion prêt-à-porter (Who’s Next): a Luxury Clothing by Christia


During the Exhibition of the international fashion prêt à porter (Who’s next), which took place in Paris in the last days of January, I had the opportunity to know closely a production of clothing , made in Italy, specialized in leather and shearling, which is placed in the the luxury market.
I wanted to wear coats and jackets that I liked more, in order to provide a preview of the trends for next winter.

Wearing one of these coats it feels warm and pampered, thanks to quality materials with which they are composed: leather, lamb, kid, merino, tassels and other special tissues that are chosen with care and attention from designers and professionals in fashion and materials.

You will find below pictures of my favorite pieces, the ones that I would choose for the coming winter. From short fur of mink, for a special evening, to a down jacket with tissue and fur, which thanks to the quality of goose down keeps us warm, but it makes us to be fashionable, and moving away from the classic idea of boring down jacket!

It would be nice to have them all!

Events: Who’s Next Paris

Brand: Christia collections


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