Paris Workout

Workout Paris

End of November. Now the winter seems to have arrived in Paris too, but until a few days ago, in the morning you could still enjoy a beautiful sun, ideal for outdoor sports.

Although lately my schedule is so full, and I can’t find the time to train, I managed to cut out a few hours to dedicate to myself. I have always liked to jog, especially because it’s much funnier than simply going to the gym as when you run you can take this opportunity to get out of the world while listening your favourite music. 

But how many times in a week it is correct to run? 

I think the best thing is to run 3 times a week for at least half an hour daily. 

How to dress? 

Definitely choosing comfortable clothing that does not impede breathability. 
Few years ago you could just find sportwear made by the well-known and sometimes expensive sport brands, but nowadays even the big low cost chains have their own sports section (H&M or Forever 21) so you can play with fashion and colors also before a workout! In the images, for example, I am featuring a sport outfit by Forever 21! 

And the shoes? 

For shoes, I’m very picky, I like comfortable, lightweight and cushioned, non-slip soles (so I can easily switch from a dirt path to asphalt!). My latest purchase has been this pair of Nike Flyknit Max, who in addition to being optimal for running, they are fabulous if combined to a streetstyle outfit during your morning or afternoon walks.

Photo Credits: Stone Rose Media


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