A Parisian dream wearing the jewelry of Poiray Paris. Sometimes I also daydream because the dream has always been the most important thing for me, what it charges me every morning and allows me to fight for what I love. When I opened the blog, I did not know where this wonderful passion would bring me, but I could not imagine that one day I could collaborate with an iconic and timeless brand like Poiray Paris.

This time, however, I look at the Place Vendome outside my window and I count the minutes on my watch “Ma Premiere” by Poiray Paris and I understand it’s all real. The Ma Première watch was my first “love at first sight”. Stylish, chic, with endless personalizations thanks to the easily to change the bracelet with a simple click and replace it with the one that best suits with our outfit of the day.

Poiray Paris reinvented the classic spirit of watchmaking, enriching it with bracelets made with many motifs and colors borrowed from the Couture world. Fascinated by this concept of personalization, I then had a second love at first sight for the Ma Préférence collection, of which you can admire the beauty of the ring and the necklace I wear in the images below. Both are born from the art of transformation and are totally interchangeable.

The ring and the pendant, very easy to manipulate, can change color in a blend of eyelashes and with a simple click it is also possible to surround the stone in the middle with a diamond pavé or a gold pattern, depending on the taste of the day or of the outfit of the day.

Photo Credits : Samir Bahrir


Watch: Ma Premiere by Poiray Paris / Necklace and Ring : Ma Preference by Poiray Paris


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