You will definitely recognize them: they are the patches, those patches which grandmothers sewed on your ripped jeans! Patches are always colorful, fun, and for all tastes. On the 2016 S/S collection Gucci in fact adorns its leather and chiffon dresses with shapes of bees and snakes patches, while Dolce & Gabbana embroidered with phrases and souvenir images all the clothes worn by their models.


Even Alexander Mc Queen choose flora and fauna’s decorations for his clothes characterized by a neovictorian style while on the Emilio Pucci’s fashion shows there are lots of patches with fish and shell shapes. Furthermore this season Marc Jacobs, with a 50s style, used stars, snowflakes and others rockabilly elements in his collection.

The patch can renew all your wardrobe from handbags to leather jacket or jeans, from t-shirts to the old pair of jeans.


In street style in fact you can recognize from the most vintage and sophisticated versions of patches to the less demanding ones by H&M or Zara which are focusing on pop style patches. But we can also choose the “do-it-yourself” style in which we all are “fashion designer” for a day!

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