The IRL collection by Showroomprivé has finally become permanent! I was always waiting for the release of these IRL capsule collections by Showroomprivé to shop some essential item to keep always in the wardrobe and since I published my first blog post about this many of you wrote to me to get some information about the future collections.

To celebrate its 10 years Showroomprivé decided to give us a present: finally we will be able to find all our seasonal must-have at prices affordable for all of us. In fact the IRL collection, which means “In Real Life” has been launched to satisfy the needs of women in the everyday life and offer us some items that could be used in any type of situation. And that is not enough! The movie maker Igor Gotesman (creator of Five and the TV show Casting) realized 3 videos for this occasion which illustrates quite well the effect of the #IRL collection on every time of woman; here my favourite one.


More to Come


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