Pirelli Calendar 2017 : “I wanted to create a calendar not around perfect bodies, but on sensitivity and emotion, stripping down to the very soul of the sitters, who thus become more nude than naked”

In this way the fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh describes Emotional, his third Pirelli calendar presented Tuesday, November 29 in Paris.

The protagonists are famous actresses as well over 40. There’s Julianne Moore (55), Uma Thurman (46), Robin Wright (50) and Nicole Kidman (49).

They are portrayed by Peter Lindbergh in black and white in the greatest simplicity, without photoshop, trickery or filters.

“The Gala Dinner Pirelli was magical and exciting event! I am so happy that it has taken place here – in my Paris – and I am proud of having taken part of it” says Maria Rosaria !

Really an amazing event!



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