Porto White Out

outfit la coquette

Porto: what a magnificent and exciting city! The energy of the wind which smells of ocean and mess up the hair, the sun making the skin hot, the shouting of the surfers impatient for the next ride.

In the distance, the tower of Clerigos which dominates the panorama below and then the wonderful Porto Cathedral.

During the Portugal Fashion Week, I had the chance to fall in love with the romanticism of this city, a bit nostalgic and drenched of past, tradition and history.

Unforgettable among many others the decorated rooms of the Palacio de Bolsa and the Custom Palace, from whose huge windows I could enjoy, between a fashion show and another, of a magnificent view over the Duoro river, the Pont Luiz and the suggestive Vila Nova de Gaia.

The busy fashion shows calendar did not give me a lot of free time to fully enjoy the wonders of the city, but I could still get fascinated.

The warm weather seemed to announce summer and, as usual, I indulged my mood and I let myself be inspired by the context to choose my candid look, broken by a blue touch to keep a sort of synergy with the ocean.

So what about your next summer look?

Do not forget a summer white lace dress, chiffon, macramé, simple cotton, but as long as your look stays pure, seductive and virginal.

Photo Credits @ Asier Cristobal 


Dress: Zara Collection

Bag: Namastehandbags

Shoes: Aldo

Makeup : Lancome 


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