Prince of Wales check trend look

Prince of Wales check trend is back in the most elegant and aristocratic shapes.

During Paris fashion Week i could wear a supertrendy set in Prince of Wales checked print styled by the designer Rahul Mishra. But not the usual checked print! A new one enriched with lace which made it smart but very original as well.

A maxi blazer and high waste pants with large and soft legs. Which I matched with a red bag with golden studs and a chain by Marella, in gold too, giving to the look a small and elegant contrast.

To complete the style I chose a hat again that follow the Prince of Wales check trend but velvet made. A true jewel by the hat-maker Anthony Peto. Lastly, making the most of the last Parisian sun, a pair of cool and modern shades wooden made by Shelter.

So, wanna try? Here some tips on how to wear the Prince of Wales check trend. You can dress it with a total look, like I did with my Rahul Mishra set, or you can break by using just the blazer in checked print, pairing it with sneakers and jeans or putting it over a short dress with high shoes.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a checked print total look then you can start adding to your wardrobe some accessories with checked print motif. There are lots of trendy options with this. You can buy a headband or other hair accessories, hats (like I did), or even gloves and belts. Differently you can go for a scarf, like the evergreen one by Burberry, that every true fashionista certainly own in her closet.

During the last fashion Week of Paris I could understand that the Prince of Wales check trend will stay with us for a bit of time more. And in any case we know that fashion is cyclic and that a checked print blazer or coat is a sure buy to be added to our must-haves collection. Why not then?

Prince of Wales check trend look



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