Quiet Luxury is the term used to indicate the new trend characterized by clothes of extreme value and quality, timeless aesthetics and products from luxury brands.

The Quiet Luxury finds its origins in the minimalism of the nineties, but it has rigorously grown in the wake of the pandemic, and has been perfectly exemplified in the intersection of two much-discussed recent cultural moments: in the Netflix series “Succession” and by the clothes without logo but by the handmade and exclusive cuts and fabrics worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in court.

The clean image created by neutral tones in choosing Quiet Luxury allows those familiar with luxury to identify the major brands hiding behind its logo-free look.

Brands that have always embodied this trend include The Row, the label designed by the Olsen twins, Jil Sander, and Bevza. In Italy, we have Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta, Armani, and Tod’s.

Three models with a sophisticated style confidently wear three quiet luxury looks, characterized by rich fabrics, elegant cuts and minimalist details, creating an atmosphere of refined luxury without ostentation.

In Quiet Luxury, “less is more” is the rule: if your look feels unbalanced, try lightening it by removing some accessories because simplicity is essential.

What we can all do is start investing in quality garments, not necessarily at astronomical prices, but ones that will accompany us over time without ever going out of style.

Opting for less frequent but more thoughtful and sustainable shopping is a better choice.



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