Secret Garden in Versailles

Secret Garden in Versailles

When I was little I dreamed to live in another era, I watched cartoons such as Lady Oscar and I readed biographies about the life of Marie Antoinette.

With these presuppositions, when I arrived in France, I could not miss occasionally to be lost myself in the gardens of Versailles!

They are only half an hour from Paris by car and now that the weather is still nice, it’s an excellent destination for the weekend. Every time that I walk in these gardens full of history, I lose myself with the imagination and I dream other lives, other realities: it’s so romantic and fabulous.

For my  day in Versailles, I wore a dress that is perfect for this location: the red dress by Maje. Anyone who follows my blog will have already seen this dress in the post about the fashion week in Milan, but I have to admit that seeing it in this location it’s a dream.

In fact, the rigid fabric of this dress with an effect “corset” reminds the sumptuous clothes vintage, that that were designed to exalt the small waist of women (synonymous of beauty and femininity); her skirt flared, however, reminds me the first dresses sophisticated and elegant that Christian Dior has launched after the end of the Second World War.

Maybe a coincidence, but also the gardens of Versailles in recent years I associate them mentally to Dior, perhaps due to the video series entitled “Secret Dior”, that I love!


Dress: Maje

Earrings: Vintage

Shoes: Aldo

Eyewear: Dior

Clutch: Chanel Vintage


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