As spring/summer edges closer, now is the time to start to consider the new-season style.

They are large, compact or thin, the stripes always find a way to be a fashionable pattern. The simplest ideas are always the best.

Blue and white, horizontals or verticals, stripes remember the patterns of men’s shirts, but this year become the total look. Here is – for example – the wide clothes with white and green stripes, or the pajama style.


The outerwear is striped this year, done to break our spring look. Rows can be horizontal or vertical, always and only maxi in Max Mara collection.

Never miss an evergreen Black & White. The designers matching rows in various ways, and recreating graphic and psychedelic patterns, remembering the optical illusions of contemporary art.

Stripes this year are also multicolor. A triumph of color and different thickness; rows join together in new patterns, fun and unique. You go from rainbow proposals to knit-look Gucci and Missoni.

The stripes effect, once again, is addictive … after all, how can you resist? Consider it a fresh start to the new season.




More to Come


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