TARTAN DRESS : a super trendy look idea !

If you are looking for a fashionable dress that breaks the monotony of your wardrobe, the TARTAN dress is what you need !

Trendy, stylish and evergreen, the tartan is again a must-have. I told you about it recently when I proposed the YSL look with the tartan jacket (click here if you missed it!).

Many of you will think that it is too showy or that because of the red color you will not be able to use it everyday, but I would like to make you think again about it. The important thing is to combine it with the right accessories to give it a glamorous and chic touch and you will be amazing !

An example? I wore it like this:

Maria Rosaria Rizzo wears an Imprevu Belgium dress, a Gucci velvet bag and black combat boots by Louis Vuitton.
Credit Edward Berthelot

I decided to combine the tartan long dress with a red velvet bag by Gucci (I secretly anticipate you now that velvet is another trend of the moment! I will tell you about it soon!) and a pair of black combat boots that also follow the dictates of fashion of the moment (mine are by Louis Vuitton, but you can find similar ones of many brands and with all price ranges).

LV black combat boots
Credit Edward Berthelot

In my case, the red and black tartan dress I chose is long, buttoned on the front and also characterized by a fringe at the bottom and lurex /gold details; for this reason I opted for some accessories that could recall the color of the gold details of the dress as the large gold hoop earrings, and the bag and shoes also with gold details (the chain and logos).

In fact, the tartan dress without particular luxer details, can be combined with both silver and gold accessories. I advise you at this time to focus mainly on gold accessories, which in addition to being fashionable, are able to give you a touch of light in addition at your tartan look.

If you have fallen in love, like me, with this tartan dress in particular, you can find it on the Imprevu Belgium brand siteweb and shops.

tartan dress by Imprevu Belgium
Credit Edward Berthelot

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  1. I believe that if you have a favorite and love to wear it on a daily-basis. It’s gives a sign on what you really like to wear. Beside’s that every-time it’s a nice challenge to mix your favorite color with other colors that you like or want to try. So I can relate to this post.


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