The Big bag trend Autumn-Winter 2020-2021

And it’s big bag trend this autumn-winter 2020-2021 !

And when I say big, I mean really big indeed extra-large! The oversize bag trend that imagine the bag as the absolute protagonist this winter is simply cool and impresses with its extravagance.

Autumn-winter 2020-2021 focuses on XXL volumes and offers us a wide choice of models of oversized bags: from Mary Poppins-proof tote bags, to large shoulder bags, up to oversized handbags.

What’s their name? Oversized bags, king size bags, giant bags or extra large bags. In short,the important thing is that they should be really big and capacious. This year the designers have worked in fantasy and have indulged in creating the most original and chic models : from Bottega Veneta to Valentino, from Stella McCartney to Borbonese. There’s a big bag perfect for any of you.

How to wear them? Giant shopping bags are very useful during the day because they are really capacious and therefore you can put everything you need into it. For the evening or for a more elegant situation you can opt for the maxi-clutch, like that one of Natan Couture that I wear in the pictures.

Maria Rosaria Rizzo wears Natan couture

Natan’s maxi-clutch bag is silk and should be kept “pampered” in your hand and should not be filled as much as you do for the shopping bag. I would consider it more like a chic and extravagant accessory to enrich an already sophisticated look.

Maria Rosaria Rizzo wears the Natan oversize clutch

One thing is for sure, with a giant bag you can not go unnoticed and it is better not to mix too many colors in the outfit so as not to create too many contrasts. My advice is to wear the oversized bag almost as if it were a dress, because once worn, it characterizes the look exactly as a very particular dress would.

Do you feel ready to enrich your outfit with the coolest and craziest accessory of the moment? Here is a small selection of oversized it-bags that I personally chose for you:

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