The Bracelet: Tatù

The Bracelet

From Paris to Salento, this summer I decided to wear a very unique bracelet that combines fashion to the fight for a good cause.
My bracelet is called Tatù, because its rubber embroidered and perfumed adheres perfectly to the skin creating a”tattoo” effect, and it’s dedicated to all those women who got victims of violence.
Created by a new brand made ​​in Italy, which is called NientePaura, Tatù has already been chosen as bijoux of the year from different Italian TV stars, one of which has even decided to wear it on her wedding day (obviously in white) . But you can choose the color that fits best with your personality among a quite big choice.
Needless to say, I chose the pink.
Here are some of the pictures I had taken just a few days before leaving, in my beloved Paris.



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