The hat: part two

The hat

The hat: part two

As I had promised in my last article, today I write to you still something about the classic accessory of winter 2013-2014, which has become indispensable both for fashion and for its real usefulness.

But how to choose the right hat according to your personality? Here you see how to totally change the look simply changing the hat!

Walking between the the jewelers of Place Vendome, in fact, it was enough to change the hat to totally transform my outfit!  Eh voilà ! I have replaced the cap with a black felt hat (wide-brimmed), which made my look much more feminine and mysterious.

Absolutely chic and vintage! The hat is by American Apparel, and is available in different colors! To complete the look, my favorite coat from Sportmax (by Max Mara), a black short dress and socks “Parisien”, the socks over the knee, which are also fashionable once again this year (by Calzedonia).

Hat : American Apparel

Dress: H&M

Coat: Sportmax by Max Mara

Socks: Calzedonia

Copyrights photo — Andrea Peter Fly – (contact on Facebook)


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