The K-way: Roxy Outdoors Fitness New Collection


Let’s start! The bags are packed for my holidays in Salento, in the deep south of Italy, 100% sea and sport! Looking at my bags they are full of sun creams and swimsuits but I just noticed that I forgot something: my inseparable K-way by Roxy! Recently, thanks to my job, I’m always on the go. So, trip after trip,  I learnt that there are things you cannot miss in your suitcase. One of these is the K-way.
For years I refused to wear the K-way, because I didn’t like them and it wasn’t  fashionable! But now,  the famous wind jacket of the 90s has assumed cuts, colors and styles that allow you to choose the one most suitable for you. My choice was this white K-way by Roxy: I love it!
I used it to jog in the morning in Paris or to shelter from the wind while I was watching the surfers preparing to ride the waves in Bali or to protect me from unexpected summer thunderstorms and now that I am going to Salento, I am ready to stay until late on the beach not getting sick due to the humidity and ruin my summer!
While I’m writing from my Parisian headquarter, I think that perhaps nobody knows that this famous type jacket has been invented right here in Paris, and it was initially going to be called “En cas” (“in case”… of rain). It later became so famous that K-way, became a generic term for this type of wind jacket.
And finally today in 2014, differently than in the past, it’s the k-way momentum, but we can choose between many different styles: “boysh chic”, “lady’s 90” or “casual cool” as my k-way by ROXY!


Featherlight JacketROXY – Outdoor Fitness Collection


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