The perfect dress for my civil wedding! And here I am: ready to live my new life as a married woman! I am so happy in this period and finding the words to express all the emotions of last week is really a complicated thing: no word can fully express my feelings. Love and family are really a marvel, the most important thing in our lives! Not many of you were aware that I was preparing for my civil wedding in Paris, so I am now looking forward to sharing with you the exciting aspects of the story, but also the little experience I have now about wedding.

But I would not disappoint you and I will start as you expect from me: with the outfit I chose for this unforgettable and magical day. The civil wedding is not the traditional big white wedding and it means that we can play a little more with creativity for the choice of outfit, accessories and jewelry. Whatever it is, I think that you should never exaggerate; It’s good to be creative, but always with moderation. I like simple, sophisticated and chic things, those that make us fall in love madly and that when we look at the pictures after 10 years, we always think that they were excellent choices. For this reason, the dress I chose for my civil wedding in Paris was a “love at first sight”. I have searched it for many days, but anything matched my idea.

I was looking for something elegant, perhaps with white lace, maybe short, soft and with even a touch of color almost imperceptible. The dress of YANINA COUTURE corresponds perfectly to the dress of my dreams! There are times in fact, I wonder if what I live is really reality or pure imagination.

I took a lot of pictures and the ones I share today are just a few of the many I have, where you can see my “dream dress.” “I love the idea of ​​the undergarment with the delicate floral motifs, which gives a touch of joy to the wedding look and that I was able to combine with the necklace of the Belles Rives collection by Fred Paris (one of my favorite jewelry brands) and with the bouquet (nothing was left to chance !!!). For the shoes, my choice fell on the “gold” shoes by Jimmy Choo that I find absolutely elegant and that also make a pretty silhouette. I will soon return to you with new details about my civil marriage!


More to Come


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