Tony Ward presented this year his magnificent haute couture creations for spring-summer 2020 in Paris in a magnificent location, the Palais de la Decouverte.

This time, Tony Ward decided to present a collection very different from that of other seasons and now you will discover why!

The guests of the parade were able to find on their seats some Mandalas to color: a way according to the designer, to leave behind all the problems that there are in the world for a moment and to focus only on his own creativity.

Creativity is what Tony Ward has put on the front line in his Spring Summer 2020 Haute Couture collection. But it’s not just that!

Tony Ward Haute Couture SS20 is: “REVIVE”

The couturier’s main objective is actually another: to create an eco-responsible haute couture collection. To make it, the archival dress was disassembled and reassembled, the precious materials were recycled and reused differently.

The result is the REVIVE collection.

Revive is a collection that leaves you speechless, which always places the woman at the centre of a world where her elegance and inner peace dominate the scene. All this in line with the idea of sustainability; a theme that is increasingly felt in the world of fashion.

On the catwalk, we see the passing of dream dresses which we immediately have a crush on colors, sometimes bold, sometimes softer. We are in love with shades of yellow and pink and lilac; the most feminine and chic colors.

The precious recycled fabrics seem to caress the bodies of the models in perfect clothing.

The effects of transparency and color degradation cleverly harmonize the whole in a crescendo of refined exclusivity.

The show ends, as always, with a wedding dress with refined femininity that makes us dream as usual. The show is now over. But the fashion cycle can start again, as well as the cycle of life and give us new emotions.


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