Top 5 Ideas for a Girlfriends Night

Festa della Donna

My girlfriends in Italy are waiting with trepidation the 8th of March to have a special evening to see each other during the International Women’s Day.

But I don’t really think that they should wait for a special occasion to dedicate time to their own girlfriends! With just few ingredients you can transform an usual evening into something special! Browsing on the web, to find any inspiration, I discover Dalani , an online italian shopping community dedicated to the design and the lifestyle, that suggest differents ideas about this topic : DALANI.

Here my TOP 5 Ideas for an unforgettable night for the girls:

1- Cocktail party with the playlist of the songs which has been soundtrack of your friendship.

2- Cook together giving vent to your creativity.

3- Watch a tearjerker movie that you could never watch with your boyfriend.

4- Organize a pajama party with music and laugh till late night.

5- Organize a themed party whether you dress like a cinema star of the 30s or a 80s’ pop star or a psychedelic hippie but just to get crazy all night long

So, which one did you choose? Have you another original idea ? If yes, write me soon!



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