Trends Spring-Summer 2014: Hot Pants

Trends Spring-Summer

Hot Pants: yes, today it’s so cold that I want to think about the summer! And this is also a tip to follow for a smart buy in these last days of sales! In fact, already this winter, even in cities very cold  like London and Paris, you could see the famous hot pants, in denim especially. The girls who suffer for the cold wore them over very opaque socks or leggings.

So, from Mary Quant to the present day, the shorts with the provocative name (in fact, hot!) keep returning in fashion! They may be in denim, leather, nylon or cotton, it matters little! Obviously, these shorts leave very little space to the imagination, so if you are afraid to highlight eventually any defect of the legs, it’s best to avoid them. Otherwise, why not try?

Marilyn Monroe loved them in white, often matched with a short sweater with three-quarter lenght sleeves.

hot pants


Hot Pants : Topshop

Shoes: Aldo

Top: Blu -Firenze

Nail gel: OPI

Makeup: Shiseido


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