Country chic for spring

This year the country chic style is a must. Fashion imagines us dressed just like this : with floral prints, maxi bags in rattan and flip-flops or country boots at the feet.

The country-chic trend is absolutely the coolest and most original of the spring-summer 2021.

The main elements of this style are those reminiscent of the countryside, so the colors are as warm as those of the earth, natural materials such as straw, raffia and leather, to which are added the comfort of denim and the freshness of cotton.

There are many ideas and inspirations, thanks to influencers and designers who provide us with garments and accessories for every need. But what are the things to have absolutely in the closet to replicate this style?

As we said, the maxi straw or rattan bags will be a must this summer; imagine adding a nice straw hat, a floral dress and a white boot and you’re done soon!

We used to imagine the country chic style like the American country style, with Texan boots on our feet and fringes everywhere. Instead, what the latest trends offer us today is a country style with a chic and elegant connotation, even romantic.

To be in full agreement with nature and enjoy the elements of the earth and the sun, without giving up elegance, because after so many months in lockdown, today more than ever the woman needs to feel elegant and needs to daydream.

This year, then, with the arrival of the beautiful season, this style will come back powerfully to visit us, how to ignore it?

And this is how we imagine our spring : a romantic picnic in nature with the picnic basket designed by Fendi and our super trendy Dior bag in rattan.

have you already fallen in love with this trend? Browse the gallery with our selection of country chic pieces that will be trending this spring 2021 and let us know what you think !



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