Triangl Bikini: Malibu Blue

Triangl Bikini

I love swimwear! And for my compulsive shopping, I start to collect them already a few months before the holidays. For me it’s really impossible to wait for the sales! Today, I want to tell you about a bikini that won me over: Malibu Blue by Triangl Swimwear. It ‘s made ​​of neoprene, comfortable, and very fashion and able to enhancing the shapes. It fits exactly right and it was easy to order from the website. Triangl Swimwear, for those are not familiar, is a new brand that sells online all over the world, and who has conquered all the fashionistas of the moment. I’m personally tired of having the same bikini to my neighbor on the beach, so I loved the originality of the cuts, fabrics and colors that Triangl has managed to create. Soon you’ll see the other models I have chosen for my summer!



LOCATION : Salento, Puglia, Italy

Photoshoot: Antonio Pennetta


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