Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013 in Paris

vogue fashion night 2013 paris

As you all know the past five late summers here in Paris have been caracterized by the most expected fashion event organized by Vogue (Vogue Fashion Night Out), that, as always, has given life and colors to the most famous shopping areas of the “ville lumiere”: rue Faubourg-Saint-Honorè, rue Royale and around the Palais Royale. 

I was all nice and dressed up to go out, when it suddendly started to rain soooooo bad that I realized that my fuchsia Maje dress wasn’t the right choise at the moment. 

chloè paris

A rapid look in the wardrobe and the magic wand choose for me a pair of nice italian black pants, a grey and silver Topshop sweater, a black bikers jacket, my latest Guess shoes and an umbrella: Burberry’s of course!!!

scarpa lusso guess

As I didn’t have a pumpkin waiting for me, I just went in the heart of the party by myself: downtown streets were crowded with people in summer outfits careless of the weather and just excited for the night.

All fashion brands taking part to the Vogue event organized all kinds of entertainment for their super selected guests: concerts, make up sessions, cocktails, and let’s not forget FASHION… 

Many store presented capsule collections, limited edition T-shirts, special shopping offers and some “invitation only” entrance…

 I obviously did all my best to get in all of them and to have a lot of fun and here are some things I really won’t forget: Chloè’s collection, the one and only Miss Coco Chanel’s collection, Tara Jarmon “Blossom Party” and her flowers crowns given to all the attendees in collaboration with the “Atelier Couronnes de fleurs”, the long line at Dior Make-up, bingo and djs. 

Last but not least, the new Lady R Forrest show-room and her limited edition foulard……


Well, even Cinderella had to go home at midnight (maybe it was a little later, sorry mum…) and get some rest before Paris Fashion Week starts!



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