We Run Paris

We Run Paris

We Run Paris: I did it !
Last Sunday the much-awaited race (in 10 or 15 km) dedicated to women has started. I did not believe it could be so exciting and to be honest I thought I couldn’t reach the finish line.
In fact I didn’t train since a long time due to my continuous travelling, moving, shooting and press days. And then, when I was there, encouraged by the support of all the Parisian people on the sides of the race track, that at every km were animating me with billboards, shouting, balloons and music and thank to the support the other girls (about 10.000), always ready to incite not to give up anyone who stopping exhausted on the track.

For example, at the 5th Km I got a bellyache and I started to slow down, but a nice girl came close to me and gave me the strength to go all out.
A unique experience exclusively for women.
At the finish, a lot of surprises, on top of the satisfaction to complete the race, were waiting for me.

Among several of them a personalized bijou and a relax massage by Biotherm. And at the end a good toast to celebrate the moment on the rooftop of the Cité de la Mode et du Design, with a fantastic view on the magic Seine, in an totally girly and a bit Parisienne atmosphere.

I take this occasion to thank a lot Beaugrenelle Paris for this fantastic day and I wish that also the girls who won the place to attend the race thanks to the blog, lived an experience as good as the one I had!


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