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Are you thinking to what to put under the Christmas tree or to how you will dress during the new year eve? Do other!

For you and for me Jennyfer, one of the most girly and cool french brand of the moment already thought to that creating a special gift shop at affordable prices: the boutique cadeaux !

In this Christmas gift shop there are many ideas to be stolen for the ones who are searching for the perfect gift but not only!

As example I discovered the Jennyfer gift boutique by chance, searching for the perfect outfit for my Christmas holidays. I was searching for original items but also versatile enough to be used and adapted in different context by mixing them with other pieces and be always very unique.

I chose a dress in lurex silver and black coloured and I matched it with a sheepsking jacket with the inside in eco fur, a pair of tall ankle boots and a mini black pochette with some silver and glittered details.If you are still not clear about what outfit you will choose to celebrate the 2015 Christmas, in the Jennyfer gift shop you will surely find the right look for any of yours occasions for this next two weeks and get into the Christmas mood quickly: elegant or casual, depending on the style you prefer to approach these holidays.
It is not necessarily needed a high budget to dress well, you just need some small fine tunings and your look will take the right shape: for example you can opt to buy a hair accessory or a bijoux or, as I did, to bet on this lurex outfit by Jennyfer, which are pretty chic either you wear in gold or silver finishings.

Moreover you could even decide for a comfortable and shiny outfit wearing some pants with paillettes and a stylish top.

These in the end are just some of the hundreds idease you can find in the Jennyfer boutique cadeaux and which helped me a lot for my choices (which you can better judge from the picture below) and to select some cute gift for the ones of my friend who are even more fashion addicted than me.

Maria Rosaria Rizzo - jennyfer-boutique-noel- Maria Rosaria Rizzo - Shooting paris Maria Rosaria Rizzo - Shooting paris Maria Rosaria Rizzo - Shooting paris Maria Rosaria Rizzo - jennyfer-boutique-noel-

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