WOMEN’s NECKLACES: spring / summer TRENDS

What will be the trend women’s jewelry for spring / summer 2019?

We all know that any woman who loves to stand out, in addition of choosing the right dress, can’t neglect the paired jewel. The jewels “tell” the women: they give us indications of their personal taste, they are tied to their memories or their mood, they express their creativity.

The trends of women’s jewels for the summer 2019 are in the name of brightness and elegance. This year necklaces, bracelets and rings don’t know middle measures and they must embellish even the simplest outfit. 2019 jewels are looking a little to the past (for example it’s returning the trend to wear them at the sea, to make a simple beach look more sophisticated) and a little to the future (as instance with jeweled novelties that make the woman stand out as the main character).

Among bijoux, that still can’t be missing in the female jewelry case, this summer necklaces are getting the scene. Among the most trendy ones some of the most loved are undoubtedly the steel necklaces.

In fact, steel jewels are increasingly desired by women because they are affordable, resistant and above all because they are hypoallergenic. They can be worn on any occasion or conditions. For example getting them wet at sea is definitely not an issue and doesn’t make them lose their luster and beauty.

An example of super trendy steel women’s necklaces, are the Breil necklaces that adapt to the personality of every woman, giving her that touch of light  and making her truly unique; perfect to interpret all the facets of our femininity. Why? Continue to read and you will discover.

Going further into style details, a must-have for the 2019 summer will be the long necklaces with the pendant: small and precious pendants, made of steel or pearls, to be superimposed with necklaces of different lengths. This overlapping game is perfect for a bohemian or gipsy outfit.

The trend of necklaces this summer booms not only for women but for girls too. We’ ve seen so many new ideas of how to wear girls’ necklaces on Instagram. The most loved? Multi-strand necklaces and choker necklaces.


The crewneck necklaces are the summer must-have

The women’s crewneck necklaces (in gold, silver or steel versions) have been recently “spotted” also on the catwalks of Milan and Paris during fashion week. They are the bijou that fashionistas from all over the world will not be able to renounce this summer and next winter. They easily embellish every feminine look giving a special strength to their style.

The important thing however is always to adapt the jewels to your own personality and style; for this reason brands like Breil have created a collection of  jewelry for women capable to win over anyone and have applied innovative ideas that allow you to wear the jewels according to your particular tastes.

What could be nicer than wearing jewelry but in your own way?

From this idea of personalization the Breil New Snake steel women’s necklace was born, the first versatile jewel that adapts to every woman and every style. A precious metal mesh covers a moldable soul and turns into a necklace, bracelet or choker. Also available as a ring, Breil Snake stimulates the imagination of every woman.

These jewels are always good on any occasion.

Personally I would wear them as a spiral necklace for a more refined look and enhance the décolleté, or around the wrists for a more daring look or still wrapped around the neck to enhance the feminine beauty and capture the light. But the ideal would be to have more than one to be able to weave them together creating an original choker or to be able to wear one on each wrist as a bracelet.

Breil Snake can really make a difference, making your look unforgettable: it is impossible to resist the temptation to leave everyone speechless.




New Snake Breil - Necklace

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