Yellow on AskAnna


Yellow today! Cool!

I love the light in these pictures of me, that the talented Slanelle took in an afternoon in Paris, between one of my appointment and the other for un’interview on the blog Ask

AskAnna is a new mobile app made in Paris which will make life much easier for all fashion addict undecided on their purchases. It will suffice to take a picture in the dressing room before buying our product and send to seek advice from your friends, from a fashion lovers community and especially from your favorite fashion bloggers. I’ll be me even among the many people who will give you an opinion. I can not wait to use the app.

I’ll keep you posted soon about the launch!

Pics by Slanelle


Skirt : Maje

Trousers: Zara

Jacket : Denny Rose

Sunglasses : Dior

Bag : Chanel

Shoes : Guess

Cuff Silver Bracelet : Dear Charlotte

Bracelet-tricot : Les Precieuses Ridicules

Watch : Rolex

Bracelets silver : Tiffany / Dodo

Gold Stone Ring : Claire Jasmine by


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