Bubble Tea in Paris

Bubble Tea in Paris

A Bubble Tea thank you! A … what? A tea with bubbles? After a break-book in a Parisian café, yesterday I went around Paris to try Bubble Tea for all tastes with my friend Alessandra and now I can tell you all about this drink that is making the world fall in love! All of you have already seen it photographed on the social networks trendy, but perhaps you’ve mistaken for a simple fruit juice.

Bubble Tea is a drink created in the 80s in Taiwan. After becoming famous in Asia, in the US and in Australia, now has become a trend in Europe!

Its peculiarity are the tapioca balls (also called “pearls” or “boba” in Chinese) that are added to the drink and are sucked together with the tea by using straw drinking large enough.

There are many variations of this drink and many ingredients that you can add and in this way everyone can create their own perfect Bubble Tea!

You may decide to take a cup of tea with a particular fruit, and decide whether or not to add the milk, or yogurt, or litchi, and so on.

Personally I have tried a Bubble Tea made with green tea and mango with tapioca pearls and litchi pearls, and then another one (the lilac color in the pictures) made ​​with Taro Milk, with the addition of yogurt, tapioca pearls and litchi. The second is much more sweet and tasty but both yummy.

There are still many flavors I want to try, with fruit flavors or not, certainly among which the chocolate! Oh I forgot … this drink can be drunk hot or cold! You just have to try it!

Where you can Drink a Bubble Tea in Paris ? ( I write you soon about it ! )


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